Water Radar

Our two-product configuration for water harvesting starts with our Water Radar.

The Water Radar is a set of meteorological sensors that will allow you to know in a specific area, how much fog water vs rainwater you would get estimated yields to assess your project. It will also gather the necessary data to know where, and in what direction to place the second phase of the fog harvesting process, the Fog Catcher.

Fog Data is Essential

We have partnered with Fly.X systems to develop tailor-made sensors specific for fog along with a data dashboard for a simple understanding of the results.<br /> We have adapted the Water Radar for two possible uses:

  • Water Radar available for remote areas with no electric or internet connections to internet
  • Water Radar available for projects with data or wifi coverage

Did you know you can get 8 times less fog water if the Fog Buster is not placed in the correct direction/position?
Make the best out of your fog water with our Water Radar!

Benefit of the Water Radar

The Water Radar has been developed by Permalution to measure the following key elements for fog water harvesting:

  • Fog
  • Rain
  • Wind
  • Humidity

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