Fog Catchers

Meet the new generation of fog water harvesting devices with new designs and materials: The Fog Catcher, and the Phoenix Fog Catcher (fire-proof version).

How they work

Fog is composed of very small droplets of water suspended in the air. Once these droplets make contact with the fog catcher’s membrane, it will start raining through the mesh. Once the water collected falls in the gutter, it can be guided it to its next point of contact.

  • Produces 150-400 L of water per day (equivalent to 3 bathtubs)
  • No environmental impact & No energy required

The Fog Catcher's design is inspired by natural ecosystems that depend on fog for survival as a source of water.

Benefits of Permalution's Fog Catchers

Fog catchers can be adapted into many projects and goals. Here we show you a list of already tested applications:

  • Water Storage
  • Irrigation
  • Conservation & wildfire management
  • Water mass recharge