Learn more about Fog and how to harvest it

Fog is composed of very small droplets of water suspended in the air. There are different types of fog around the world, however, we focus on coastal fog, valley fog, and elevation fog or clouds.
As rain is considered vertical precipitation, fog is considered horizontal precipitation.
Once these droplets make contact with Permalution Fog Buster’s membrane, it will start raining through the mesh. Once the water collected falls in the gutter, it can be guided to its next point of contact.

No. Harvesting Fog Water doesn’t steal from other sources of water and does not pose a risk to the environment, on the contrary:

  • If the fog is not collected it will go back to the atmosphere through temperature change. The biggest project implemented in South America of 75 fog catchers for supplying water to a village of 300 people did not even collect 1% of the total fog given is a flow of the current.
  • The worry of fog catchers collecting all the fog is the same as the worry of wind turbines slowing down the winds.
  • Conifers and redwood do irrigate on fog, hence their height, and reintroduce the water into the land, however, only 3% of initial redwood conifers vegetation is left to do that job.

One standard Fog Buster can harvest from 150-400 L of water per day which is the equivalent to 3 bathtubs, or enough water to cover the needs for a family of 4.

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